Investment Companies In Texas

Texas First Investment Management Company is a Houston-based Registered Investment Advisor.

We have consistently ranked as one of the country’s top investment managers, by combining our diversified, value-oriented approach with our long-term expertise investing in publicly-held companies.

Foreign direct investment (FDI) includes significant investments by foreign companies,

such as construction of production facilities or ownership stakes taken in Texan companies. FDI not only creates new jobs,

it can also lead to an infusion of innovative technologies, management strategies, and workforce practices. More than 460,000 Texans worked for foreign companies in 2011,

and their employment spread across the economy, providing the livelihood for a substantial number of Texans in the private sector workforce.

Our investment strategy focuses on private commercial real estate opportunities within the state of Texas. Buying income-producing assets enables us to hedge against inflation, while also borrowing non-recourse debt at historically low rates.

Stonelake’s portfolio consists of defensive, cash flow oriented properties in major Texas markets, that benefit from local growth trends. Our properties are actively managed by our in-house asset and property management team.

Texas Income Property founded in Austin, Texas in 1979; to serve the Real Estate Investor is our mission. Working for investors, financial institutions, and home …

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