What Makes a Good Festival?

One of the real network promoting implies is celebrations, regardless of whether it is social, recorded or religious or some other kind of celebrations. As an advertising instrument it very well may be an effective one or a bombed so what makes a decent celebration and what makes it a disappointment?.

A Festival is an occasion, generally and conventionally arranged by a nearby network, which focuses on and commends some special part of that network and the Festival (Wikipedia definition). Celebrations are made for fundamentally two purposes:

One is meet a particular need, this is either to serve God or plain advertising

Give amusement to the overall population

The achievement or a disappointment of a celebration has three bases that build the celebration achievement triangle hypothesis.

The Festival achievement triangle hypothesis traces three noteworthy layers of any celebration, and the disappointment of any layer results consequently into the disappointment of the celebration same like the breakdown of any structure.

The hypothesis layers:

Layer one, the consolidated endeavors behind it.

Layer two, the substance.

Layer three, promulgation.

Furthermore, each layer is as significant as the other one.

1-The Efforts behind any celebration

This layer comes in the phase of the arranging. In this layer we recognize the endeavors behind the scene, and to gauge the measure of the endeavors whether it was sufficient or not, all returns to the span of the celebration and its motivation.

Any celebration has a reason and reason, showcasing, melodic, nourishment, film, social, historical….etc, the rundown goes on, and dependent on the reason we recognize the measure of exertion required. On a side note, all celebrations whatever the reason for existing are promoting celebrations in its center.

For example Cannes Film Festival, this is a film celebration with a reason for displaying European movies, taking a gander at its history from 1930s until date, the celebration has developed universally and the celebration have seen a ton of adjustments along its years and backing from the French government and the French people group that made it one of the real film celebrations around the world. Again this was a consequence of a CONSISTENT exertion behind it by the Government for and the help from private substances also. On the off chance that we contrast this Film celebration with the Oscars, the Oscars is stupendous, more cash goes into planning than what goes on in Cannes, supported with the American film industry that has the cash and crowed. Cannes, yet in spite of the fact that it is an alternate dimension of film celebration and it isn’t as much upheld with such a noteworthy spending motion pictures like the USA, it has prevailing into being no holds barred in the achievement, it is about the exertion.

On the off chance that we go Local, United Arab Emirates, Dubai has made 2 noteworthy celebrations, the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises and taking a gander during childbirth long stretches of these celebrations, we will see that the administration endeavors behind it were huge, that every administration division had a hand and investment in every celebration and an arranging body was made to be in charge coordinating these consolidated endeavors. They have made two anticipated occasions, fruitful occasions. Also they figured out how to make a character for one of the celebrations, MODHESH which progressed toward becoming as acclaimed as Micky Mouse in this district. They were on the correct tracks. Abu Dhabi, has a lot of effective occasions too due to being upheld by the legislature, for example, Ramadan Festival, the film celebration and the fresh introduction the late spring celebration which is being sponsored with an immense spending plan.

A great deal of governments in the inlet have its very own celebrations however none had a similar achievement like the Dubai and Abu Dhabi Festivals, the endeavors behind it were institutional size not legislative size.

Whatever fruitful a celebration is, when it loses the endeavors behind it, or the endeavors decreases, it loses one significant establishment that vaults it to its Death.

Nothing is designated “it will remain without anyone else”

2-The substance

The second layer in a celebration is the substance, which is truly dictated by the celebration reason.

Substance of a celebration implies the stimulation, the workshops, the functions…all and everything that will occur in the celebration, all that a guest can see or partake in.

As much as the substance relies upon the celebration reason, it is yet a controlling variable of the achievement of the celebration; you may have the correct reason however the wrong substance. Envision a shopping celebration without any limits!! Or on the other hand music celebration with performers whom are downright terrible in their demonstrations!!.

How about we take a gander at the ROSE Parade in USA, a celebration began 1890 and it is just about bloom marches and groups, on the off chance that it was only that, the celebration would have kicked the bucket quite a while back and would not live to be over extremely old with incredible achievement. An occasion that have developed from around 2000 life gathering of people to in excess of 700,000 attendances.

Such a celebration, its substance is about processions just!, But the catch is, every year they make a subject and every year they have more members, government and privet segment and every attempt to make a buoy that is interesting and more prominent than anybody other member, you will see a buoy for NASA and a buoy for Starbucks bistro, and all are going after the best structure. They have controlled the impediments making a progressively enthusiastic occasion.

So as to continue a celebration that has a similar subject every year you should be keen enough to make a substance that is unique in relation to the prior year and keep the crowed on coming.

This is progressively similar to any business on the planet, a celebration resembles a shop and the participants are the guests to the shop. So when you lose content and become standard your shop guest’s tally will drop? What is your edge, BE DIFFERENT OR BE DEAD.

It is all in the hand of the administration body of the celebration, whatever the reason, a celebration is a festival of life, and life is about change and adventure……..calculated experience obviously. In the event that we were not distinctive we would stroll in the boulevards wearing same fabric, same grin, same structure. Content must be extraordinary, alluring and alive.


You don’t exist until somebody knows you. Your grins, your motions, your method for speaking…etc all are your advertising implies. In the event that you are a shrewd individual yet you hush up about the entirety of your work, for people in general, you are no body regardless of whether you were Einstein. Too in the event that you can convey splendidly however your crowed isn’t right, you still a no body, Einstein would have been no one worth mentioning on the off chance that he was as shrewd yet living in a clan in a divine being spurned spot.

A celebration is no celebration without a crowed. A nourishment celebration that has a wide range of sustenance and its advertising just targets vegans, or a shopping celebration that objectives the poor may move into an uproar.

The purposeful publicity is tied in with utilizing all conceivable right advertising media to showcase your occasion and having the correct help from celebration substance and endeavors behind it makes it a triumph. History of a celebration makes a main consideration in the achievement however does not enable you at any mean to decrease the spending you designate for promoting. In these days ostentatious stuff are wherever which makes it simple to redirect the consideration of the crowed to disregard history. History will be history.

The above layers relies upon one another’s and covers and the disappointment in any layer will consequently comes up short the entire procedure of the celebration, regardless of whether this disappointment will be quick or moderate.

We have to recollect that:

More crowed does not mean more achievement, if content is terrible, it is simply more disappointment.

It is anything but difficult to be number one however it is difficult to remain so.

Certainty is great however arrogance dependably sinks the ship.

The layers expressed above establish the triangle of progress. In the event that you take a gander at any celebration through that triangle and measure each layer, you will know a falling celebration from a fruitful one.

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