Tazaungmon And The Tazaungdaing Light Festival

n the Burmese month of Thadingyut (September/October) it was transcendently the joy of expectation that put the general population into great soul and fulfilled them; the expectation of better climate (after the finish of the storm season), of getting hitched, of moving the house, of going to chase and with respect to ‘pongyis’ (priests) of voyaging. In a word, the expectation of all that what the general population did not have or what to do is viewed as unthinkable amid the multi month of Buddhist loaned.

With the landing of the vigorously anticipated ‘Thadingyut la pyei mee htun pwe daw’ (Full-moon Light Festival of Thadingyut) that we have celebrated at the start of October every one of those brilliant things have turned out to be valid and now in the long stretch of ‘Tazaungmon’ (October/November) the Burmese individuals are cheerfully occupied with doing the majority of this and are getting a charge out of the bright, ‘cool’ and dry climate.

Those living to a huge degree on chasing or can make great easygoing profit with it have a higher pay currently, individuals’ menus are improved by new and delectable ‘Ame like’ (amusement) of various sorts, from ‘Tha min’ (deer) to ‘Taw wat’ (wild hog) to various types of ‘Taw kyat’ (fowl), lovebirds get hitched and move into new homes (as do numerous others), and pongyis are venturing out to visit their families, which huge numbers of them didn’t see for somewhere around a quarter of a year. Everyone is feeling and appearing and the grins become more splendid constantly as the ‘Tazaungdaing mee htun pwe daw’, Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights – which to set they up will before long bustling themselves with – and the ‘Pagoda Weaving Contests’ are moving closer. Tazaungmon is one more month of bliss and festivities on end.

Just nearly two weeks have gone since we have blissfully praised the Thadingyut Light Festival and in around about fourteen days we will commend the following famous light celebration, the ‘Light Festival of Tazaungdaing’.

In any case, Tazaungmon has more to offer than the light celebration and the pagoda celebrations with the weaving challenges. In this manner, the general population of and in Burma accomplish more than celebrating just these two occasions and weddings; numerous things are on this month and in the accompanying we will fret about them in some detail.

Tail me into the bright Burma, since 1989 called Myanmar (a name that isn’t undisputed) and the cheerful existences of the Burmese individuals in Tazaungmon. In the following days we will at times blend with the general population. At that point you can perceive what they are doing. That will assist you with getting a superior comprehension for what is happening here than you get from simply perusing what I am composing.

The a month between the two light celebrations, the two of which are joined by merriments and stylized contributions, are called ‘Kathein’. This is the period in which Burmese Buddhists give ‘Kathein thingan’ (Kathein pongyi robes), shoes, ‘Htis’ (umbrellas), ‘Thabeiks’ (donations bowls), ‘Yets’ (hand fans), ‘Bagans’ (plates), ‘Qwes’ (glasses), sets of ‘Zoon, Khat, Dar’ (cutlets) and even ‘Pari baw ga’ (furniture) and cash to pongyis and ‘kyaungs’ (Buddhist religious communities). This they accomplish to gain merits for this and their following lives they should live before at last coming to ‘nibbana’, a definitive objective Buddhists need to reach. It is a condition of neither presence nor non-presence. They can (and do) obviously give these things whenever of the year to the ‘Sangha’ (Buddhist request or Buddhist ascetic network) however it is trusted that the demonstration of ‘dhana’ (giving) amid Kathein is more worthy than at different occasions.

The ‘dad de tha stick’ is a marvel tree on which everything develops that the individual needs as well as wants. You need to eat caviar or Parma ham or lobster or smoked salmon or a major, succulent and delicate steak or whatever your preferred dish might be? You need to drink a container of shining champagne or wine or bourbon or brew or some other refreshment you may support? You need to have a pleasant Lacoste shirt or a great Giorgio Armani suit or a fantasy like Coco or Christian Dior dress? Or on the other hand possibly you need a costly timepiece with jewels? Don’t worry about it, the tree bears every one of these things rather than normal foods grown from the ground are there for you to pick. Come to think about that! Anything you desire, you simply go into the greenery enclosure and just cull it from the tree. The words ‘need’ and ‘no more’ you could just expel from your vocabulary since you would have everything (in material terms) whenever, in any quality and in any amount and there would dependably be sufficient of everything. Is that not magnificent?

All things considered, as indicated by legend this sort of tree truly developed at the opportunity humankind appeared. In any case, eagerness and jealousy put a conclusion to this great time as it influenced the tree to vanish. Issue was that individuals were allowed to picking just as much as they truly expected to fulfill their prompt interest. Be that as it may, they picked more than they really required or could expend at one time and put away it or took things they really did not require in light of the fact that others had taken them and they needed to stay aware of the Joneses what provoked the tree to disappear. You perceive the parallels to the Christian ‘Heaven’?

In any case, amid Kathein you can see this tree once more. It ‘develops’ at numerous spots. Obviously, these trees are not genuine trees but rather wooden triangular casings with wires hung from one side of the edge to the next. You see that man-high things over yonder, the one with the many paper improvements cut to the wires and the guileful embellishment made of paper? Indeed, the one that looks like a Christmas tree with a Christmas star at the top. That is a dad de tha tree and the ‘paper’ enrichments are genuine monetary orders that are tucked to the casing. Looks pleasant, does it not?

Be that as it may, rather than the ‘genuine’ dad de tha stick, from these dad de tha trees you don’t take anything by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, you put something onto them as these trees speak to the soul of ‘dhana’, of ‘giving’. On, for example, the numerous road celebrations that are held as of now you can see these triangular formed wooden casings on which individuals put ‘natural products’, that is their gifts in cash or in kind. Along these lines, on the off chance that you happen to pass a dad de tha tree amid one of the following days, if it’s not too much trouble hang a collapsed monetary order or a little blessing on it. It must not be a vast sum. Any sum or thing that you give will gain you merits and I wish you that a genuine dad de tha tree will develop on your doorstep and that you will never again need to state the word ‘need’ or to hear the words ‘no more’.

The dad de tha ‘trees’ are brought – when they are brimming with ‘organic products’ given by organizations and conventional individuals like you and me – in long parades of pleasant individuals joined by ‘Do bats’ (music troupes) and moving gatherings to the particular religious community the gifts are devoted to. Every religious community isn’t permitted to acknowledge more than one tree or set of these triangular wooden edges. The dispersion of the endowments, for example, robes, shoes, hand fans, cooking pots, container, covers, and so on to the individuals from the Sangha (priests) is finished by method for ‘fortunate draw’ or lottery.

The Tazaungdaing Festival is likewise called ‘Kattika Feast’ and it is frequently alluded to in the ‘Jatakas’ (Buddha’s introduction to the world stories). When I am expounding on Burma I am frequently referencing, among others, Jatakas and discover it now valuable to give you a couple of expressions of clarification. Jatakas are the ethically and separately teaching accounts of Siddhartha Gautama’s (the later Buddha’s) lives as it is expected that the Buddha advanced through numerous his Enlightenment-going before presences in different types of living animals and even as powerful being. Among these different presences were, for example that of a sovereign, a deer, a pooch and a divine being. The Jatakas as often as possible start from Gautama Buddha himself and as per early Buddhism the picking up of learning of the majority of his previous lives was a fundamental piece of his Enlightenment. The Jatakas are one piece of the three sections containing ‘Tripitaka’ or ‘Tipitaka’ (Pali for ‘Three Baskets’), which are the key scriptural group of Buddhism.

There are a lot of stories and legends that manage the subject of celebrations in Tazaungmon. There is, for example, one story as indicated by which Burmese individuals need to really thank hoodlums for being allowed the chance to celebrate in Tazaungmon. What do you say? That is a significant odd and scarcely conceivable clarification for the merriments in this month?

Indeed, perhaps. As I over and again state in my anecdotes about Burma, its kin, their way of life and Buddhism there are regularly extraordinary stories told about something very similar or occasion and it is in spite of all determination troublesome and for the most part difficult to discover reality without target actualities and proof. However, before you decide let me reveal to you this. I have two very enormous and overwhelming window boxes with youthful palms before the way to my ground floor condo. Early today when I left my way to go to the ‘mane zay’ (morning market) they were vanished. It didn’t take me long to comprehend what had occurred. I went down the road to the corner and, well, what do you think did I see? Right, my palms. There they were. I gave the two young men who happened to be there and grinned at me 200 kyat every (one bun loaded up with custard is 150 Kyat, so they will have had a decent breakfast bite) and they conveyed the palms back to my entryway. You realize what has occurred and what that has to do with the tale about the cheats and the Tazaungdaing celebration? Most likely you won’t realize that. Along these lines, let me reveal to you the story from its starting somewhere in the range of hundred years back.

As per ‘Badin sayas’ (celestial prophets) every planet speaks to fundamental human drives and each indication of Zodiac speaks to a lot of human qualities. Tazaungmon is – so the crystal gazers told the rulers – the month in which the heavenly body and bearing of development of galactic bodies, especially the stars and the moon, twists certain individuals’ thou

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