Rabindranath Tagore – Noble Prize Winner Writer

Rabindranath Tagore was conceived in 1861 in the territory of Bengal. He was the most youthful child of Debendranath Tagore. Debendranath Tagore established ‘Brahmo Samaj’, with his companion and social extremist Raja slam Mohan Roy.

Rabindranath Tagore was taught at home. At 17 years old he was sent to England for further instruction. He didn’t total his training in London and returned back.

Rabindranath’s granddad had established an incredible domain for himself. After his passing Rabindranath dealt with every one of his bequests. He was additionally engaged with huge numbers of the scholarly tasks. Such task expanded his enthusiasm for social changes.

He began school at ‘Shantiniketan’. It depended on the idea in the ‘Upanishads’ writing. He ended up popular when his ballads were deciphered and distributed in western nations.

He had composed the accompanying verse writing:

1) Manasi in 1980

2) Sonar Tari in 1984

3) Gitanjali in 1910

4) Gitimalya in 1914

5) Balaka in 1916

He composed after plays:

1) Raja in 1910

2) Dakghar in 1912

3) Achalayatan in 1912

4) Muktadhara in 1922

5) Raktakaravi in 1926

He composed after short stories:-

1) Gora in 1910

2) Ghare-Baire in 1916

3) Yogayog

Rabindranath Tagore composed melodic shows, move dramatizations, papers of assorted types, travel journals. He additionally composed two collections of memoirs.

Rabindranath Tagore got the Nobel Prize in writing for his ballads in ‘Geetanjali’. He was the primary individual from the outside western world to get such respect. Because of this respect he turned out to be well known far and wide. He was knighted by British King George V.

In 1919, all the more then 400 Indian demonstrators were murdered by British troops in Jallianwalla Baugh slaughter. Rabindranath was additionally an opportunity contender and a staunch adversary of the British sultanate because of this unlawful demonstration he had turned out to be upset to the point that he restored his Knighthood to British Government.

In 1901 Rabindranath established Vishva Bharati. It was the mix of conventional Hindu training framework and western thoughts. His idea was exceptionally famous.


Rabindranath Tagore was an incredible Poet, Philosopher, Musician, Writer, Educator and Nobel Laureate. He was additionally an extraordinary opportunity contender. His sonnets, plays and short stories are still extremely mainstream among the general population.

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