Rabindranath Tagore and Education – A Holistic Vision

Rabindranath Tagore is outstanding the world over for his Noble Prize in Literature for his otherworldly beautiful versions in the Gitanjali. He composed lovely stories which caught the central core of various characters and scenes. Other than being an artist and author of extraordinary prominence, he was an instructor second to none. He built up “Shantiniketan” and Viswa Bharthi University which were declarations to his profound concern and vision about what instruction should reflect.

While growing up, Rabindranath Tagore become extraordinarily disappointed with the repetition method for learning and encouraging which he felt squelched his inventiveness and creative ability. It was his thwarted expectation with the then-common instruction framework which was course book and repetition situated which influenced him to make his own elective school and college dependent on his charming perspectives on training.

Rabindranath Tagore’s renowned refrains which are given beneath catch his vision of training.

“Where the brain is without dread and the head is held high

Where information is free

Where the world has not been separated into sections

By tight residential dividers

Where words turn out from the profundity of truth… ”

He imagined training which had a humanistic and naturalistic methodology and where kids could learn amidst nature. He additionally stressed the significance of human expressions as a methods for self-articulation of the person. “Shantiniketan” was an encapsulation of his vision and was where kids learn under trees in an open environment. Painting, writing and verse turned into a vital piece of the learning granted there. Truth be told, Rabindranath Tagore composed a considerable lot of his plays in “Shantiniketan,” and they were organized by understudies of the school.

Rabindranath Tagore later settled the Visva Bharti University. Visva Bharthi implies the fellowship of the world with India. He had confidence in all inclusive estimations of opportunity and unity of the entire of humankind. The college was set up for the most part as a spot for world researchers to meet and share distinctive imaginative abilities and thoughts. He additionally trusted that the social parts of a country must be valued, and he restored numerous people moves and expressions. He welcomed specialists, researchers, savants and profound scholars to share their musings and thoughts. His point was to open up the psyches of world natives to welcome the assortment of gifts in plain view on the planet.

Both Shantiniketan and Viswa Bharti appear as though optimistic ideas of instruction models.

In the overall situation, finding out about and visiting such places of learning can motivate genuine teachers to make adapting progressively humanistic, open and make understudies increasingly energetic about nature and expressions of the human experience.

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