Music Festivals: What Do You Need to Know?

There are numerous variables to be contemplated when heading off to a Music Festival. These can run from which toiletries to take, to where you’re going to set up your portable shelter.

In this Article I’ll endeavor to give you an essential summary of what you should take and what maybe you ought to maintain a strategic distance from. I’ll at that point proceed to clarify a few things in more detail, and will give some guidance dependent on close to home encounters of going to Music Festivals for as long as five years.

What do I take Camping?


This is clearly a significant evident basic to take when outdoors – particularly at a Music Festival! What you ought to do is affirm what number of individuals will be in one tent, and after that take both individual space and extra room into thought. Regularly three of us go together so we ordinarily take three single/little tents and afterward a fourth to put our capacity in. This is a decent strategy as it is modest and light. Another is to take a colossal five-man tent, permitting space for each of you three in addition to two more, which you can use for garments or sustenance and drink.

Camping beds:

Camping beds are by and by a significant clear thing to take with you. There are anyway a few distinct sorts of portable beds out there. On the off chance that your Music Festival is in the Summer like most are, you’ll have to take a dainty lightweight sack so you don’t cook amid the night and in the mornings.

Air Bed/Sleeping Mats:

A few people love to take Air Beds with them when they go to a Music Festival. Others don’t trouble as they might suspect they occupy an excessive amount of space and time. A less expensive and very much wanted approach to get additional solace is to take a basic Sleeping Mat. They’re amazingly shoddy and fill the need splendidly (inflatable mats are accessible as well). This isn’t a fundamental obviously, yet is exceptionally suggested, particularly in case you’re fastidious about being agreeable when you rest.

A Cool Box:

Cool Boxes are useful to take with you on any outdoors trip. You’ll see that at a Music Festival anyway you’ll be spending most of your day in the field and hence therefore, you’ll likely be purchasing loads of sustenance from Vendors and Stalls. Possibly take a Cool Box in case you’re anticipating preparing any nourishment. (Some cool boxes are collapsible).

A Torch:

It will get dull at Festivals, particularly in your tent. Take a light to make sure you can discover your direction. Perhaps additionally take something that will light within the tent adequately.

Medication/First Aid Kit:

Despite the fact that there will be First Aid and Medical Personnel around at the occasion, it’s dependably a smart thought to take some Aspirin on the off chance that you get a migraine and mortars/swathes in the event that you hurt yourself in a mosh-pit for instance.

Overlay Out Chairs:

These can be an agony to convey yet will be a divine being send once you’ve wrapped setting up your tent. It’s constantly decent to have the capacity to have a take a seat, so I suggest you take one of these!


Try not to TAKE YOUR Favorite CLOTHES!

Everybody commits this error. It’s normal for individuals to dependably need to put their best self forward and to flaunt what garments they have while at a Festival. Kindly don’t take anything costly however – it will get sloppy, it will get destroyed and in some uncommon cases, it will get stolen.

You should just take garments you’re glad to get messy and potentially destroyed. Ensure you take a jumper in the event that it rains or gets cold. Most of the time however, you’ll need light dress as it can get fantastically hot!

Thick Socks/Wellies:

Celebrations will in general get very sloppy. There are a great many individuals all strolling over similar ways and this makes a terrible sloppy slush. I encourage you to take some wellies and ensure you wear thick socks with them so you don’t cause rankles on your feet or lower legs. Thick socks can be football socks or rugby socks.

A sack for messy garments:

There is nothing more awful than scavenging through your tent attempting to locate a spotless shirt or clean clothing. Keep grimy garments in a different sack so you don’t get spotless/filthy stirred up (attempt a lightweight cotton stuff pack). This will likewise keep your perfect garments new!

Latrine Roll:

This is a fundamental. There is NO TOILET ROLL AT FESTIVALS! You’ll have to bring your own – and ensure you continually have some collapsed up in a pocket. There is nothing more terrible than requiring the can and approaching an outsider for latrine roll. What’s more regrettable is getting it at an idiotic cost from a Vendor.

Child Wipes:

I realize this is especially nauseating yet there are heaps of individuals who don’t shower at Festivals.

Not a lot of Festivals give heaps of showers – and this implies lining can take hours.

Take Baby Wipes with the goal that you can keep yourself clean.

Jugs Of Water/Towel: It’s dependably a smart thought to take water with you to a Festival. It’s unimaginably essential to keep yourself hydrated consistently. Drinking Fizzy Drinks and Alcohol all the time will not hydrate you.

In case you’re not happy with not showering for a couple of days, a thought is to take loads of water.

I’ve seen a few people do this at Festivals: somebody pours water over their companion and it goes about as a shower. Remember to take a towel so you can dry yourself!


Similarly as though you were going anyplace, bringing restroom supplies are basic. Remember to pack up your toothbrush and toothpaste. Sun cream is likewise essential to guard you from sunstroke and sun consume.

Where do I set up my portable shelter?

This inquiry gets posed a considerable amount and it’s a troublesome one to reply. All Music Festivals are extraordinary so it’s difficult to suggest a decent area except if you know it back to front. What I can let you know anyway is the thing that you ought to stay away from and what you should pay special mind to. To begin with, you’re going to need to pitch close to a latrine. Try not to pitch excessively near one however, on the grounds that the smell will wind up terrible. In the event that conceivable, abstain from pitching directly next to a way or walkway. Individuals will fall into your tent and tosses things adjacent to it. Also the way that downpour will amass here and no uncertainty flood your tent. This is something you certainly would prefer not to occur.

In case you’re searching for a peaceful spot to have the capacity to unwind in the wake of seeing every one of the groups, you’re going to need to pitch up as far from the arena(s) as you can get. This implies you’ll have a lot further to walk, however you will be in a pleasant calm territory which nobody will in general travel to. This is regularly the situation for families with youthful youngsters.

Do I need Sun Cream?

Heaps of individuals don’t waste time with Sun Cream since it requires investment and exertion. I’ve seen men specifically not wearing it since they believe it’s ‘girly’! If it’s not too much trouble ensure you spread yourself in Sun Cream. You’ll be spending most of your day strolling around in the warmth and no uncertainty wearing practically no garments since it’s simply so hot. The exact opposite thing you need to do at a Festival is make yourself amazingly awkward by consuming yourself, or more regrettable, swooning from the warmth and creating Sun Stroke.

Would it be advisable for me to take my cell phone?

In the event that you can, take an old cell phone. I typically take my old Nokia 3310 when setting off to a Festival as I’m just going to utilize it to ring or content companions when I get lost. You’ll see that these telephones additionally have a greatly improved battery life and in this manner won’t pass on you. There are ordinarily charging focuses, yet these are very exorbitant to utilize.

How would I discover my companions in the event that I get lost?

The principal thing you should all do on entry is settle on a get together point. Celebrations ordinarily give monster shafts multi shaded banners appended to them for such crises. I would firmly suggest that you and your companions all choose where to meet on the off chance that you get lost. Another extraordinary area to meet is dependably at your tent (in the event that you know where it is obviously)!

Have a receptive outlook!

Not all things will go to as indicated by plan. You will overlook something. Fortunately you’re at a Music Festival, you’re encompassed by a large number of individuals who simply need to have a decent time and will’s identity glad to help you in any capacity they can. Get isolated from your gathering? Not really an immense arrangement by any stretch of the imagination. You should simply one straightforward thing: converse with individuals. The absolute most fascinating individuals any of us have ever met were those experienced at music celebrations. These will be individuals who are very surprising from you in basically every manner with the exception of the way that you are both there to have a decent time. That one basic bond is all you need when you’re at a Music Festival. Keep in mind, fun with others is vastly improved than fun alone.

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